Welcome from the president

 Arjun Mithal IFC President

Arjun Mithal
IFC President

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is home to 26 fraternity chapters with over 1,100 total members: over one-quarter of the total undergraduate population. Our members come from many backgrounds and identities and are united in the continuous pursuit of leadership, service and brotherhood.

We pride ourselves on setting an example for all of MIT to follow: every year, fraternity men are elected to the highest leadership roles in student government, captain varsity sports, compile impressive GPAs, and upon graduation, take the first step towards vibrant careers at some of the most prestigious institutions worldwide.

If you have any questions about Greek Life and the fraternity experience at MIT, please feel free to look over our website. If you still have any unanswered questions, contact me at ifc-president@mit.edu

-Arjun Mithal, IFC President

dropbox founder ON HIS MIT FRaternity experience

Drew Houston, Founder of Dropbox, shares his story about how being Rush Chair of his MIT fraternity helped him gain valuable management experience, allowing him to be better prepared for his life after graduation. 

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