Introducing the 2018 IFC Executive Commitee / by Robert Binkowski

Congratulations to the IFC Executive Committee for the 2018 calendar term! The officers were installed at the last meeting of the Presidents' Council and began their term on January 1, 2017.

The officers are as follows:

  • President: Arjun Mithal '19 Theta Chi
  • Vice President: Michael Trinh '19 Zeta Psi
  • Judicial Committee Chair: Chris Mutty '19 Chi Phi
  • Risk Manager: Sam Ihns '20 Zeta Psi
  • Recruitment Chair: Thomas Rick '20 Zeta Psi
  • Programming and PR Chair: William de Rubertis '21 Delta Tau Delta
  • Executive Assistant and Treasurer: Federico Bescotti '20 Theta Tau

Our sincerest congratulations to the new Exec!

-IFC Executive Commitee 2017