After Recruitment

I've joined a fraternity - now what?

Congratulations on having joined one of our fraternities! Recruitment has finally ended and it's time to calm down a little bit and settle into your new life with MIT and your fraternity. No one will ever dispute that the Institute is a challenge, but with some help from your new friends and chapter, you'll come out a stronger leader, excelling in classes, and ready for the world.

Associate Membership - Learning the ropes

When you join one of our fraternities, most of them will induct you as an associate member of the fraternity, not yet as a full brother. At MIT, the length of these new member education programs is capped at 10 weeks, with initiation dates usually occurring in November. The point behind associate membership is twofold.

Firstly, you will work with other members of your class to learn more about your fraternity's history, the history of fraternities, and the day-to-day administration of your chapter on MIT campus. When joining organizations like ours, it is important to learn how the chapter runs and what your chapter's core tenets are and what we uphold in our community. Many of our organizations at MIT can trace their chapter roots to the 1800s and have a strong tradition of excellence on campus. Associate membership is the time to begin your contribution to our community and at its end, we begin to pass the torch to you.

Secondly, while being an associate member, you will come closer with the other members of your class and build lifelong bonds. Through events within your chapter and on-campus events, like serenades for the sororities and charity events, you will work together, learn how to put your best foot forward, and have a lot of fun. Moving forward, your member class will be a great resource for you, consisting of brothers and best friends you can count on through MIT and into the future.

initiation - becoming a brother

After successfully completing your new member education, you will finally become a full member, a brother knowledgeable about your own chapter, MIT's fraternity system, and ready to take on the Institute with the strongest support network you'll ever find. The process up to now is extremely rewarding and will only serve to help you throughout the rest of your life.