Sexual misconduct committee

Members of the IFC Sexual Misconduct Committee at the 2018 ChangeMakers Banquet with Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart

Members of the IFC Sexual Misconduct Committee at the 2018 ChangeMakers Banquet with Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart

The IFC Sexual Misconduct Committee (SMC) was created in February 2016 to address the problem of sexual assault and other forms of sexual misconduct on MIT’s campus, particularly in the fraternity community. The Committee aims to create opportunities at MIT to tackle the problem of sexual misconduct head-on and to create a safe environment for students and guests both on-campus and in chapter houses. Not only does the IFC SMC strive to create opportunities for houses to become better equipped in addressing the problem on campus, but additionally, we want to encourage chapters of the IFC to take initiative in sponsoring their own events to raise awareness of the sexual misconduct on campus.

The IFC SMC’s first major initiative since its conception was the creation of the Consent Awareness and Prevention (CAP) Education program, in partnership with MIT Violence Prevention and Response (VPR). This opt-in program has two components: an in-house programming component aided by VPR and MIT PLEASURE and the co-sponsoring of an event, such as during Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Fraternities receive different levels of CAP certification - gold, silver, or bronze - based on programming attendance and if they co-sponsored an event. The first year of CAP training was very successful: nearly one-quarter of the fraternities were CAP certified, and the Committee was awarded the MIT Changemakers Award for the program. Moving forward, our goal is to continue to increase fraternity participation in the CAP program each calendar year.

Other current projects that the IFC Sexual Misconduct is working on are 1. A guide for fraternity presidents and executive boards to handle incidents of sexual misconduct in their houses, and 2. A confidential survey to collect data on the MIT and greater Boston’s perception of MIT fraternities in order to prepare fraternities to address and improve their reputations. The Committee is working with VPR, the Title IX Office, and upper administrators, such as Chancellor Barnhart to develop and implement these programs.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or if you are interested in joining the Committee, reach out to us at

Spring 2019 Officers

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